Learning Support

A concept based on dyslexia and its difficulties

Raphoe Family Resource Centre facilitates a weekly Learning Support Group for children and young people with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, ASD Spectrum and Global Developmental Delay. The project was identified from parents concerned about the educational development of their children and the concern that their child would leave school early.
The group is managed by a group of parents which is then supported by the FRC’s Project Coordinator. The children and young people involved in the programme are broken into small Groups suitable to their age/needs and qualified tutors provide support, guidance and encouragement to all the students.
The FRC understands that having a learning difficulty can have negative effect on a child’s Learning opportunities. We also believe if a child and their parent have a support network like the Learning Support group, the child will feel more enabled to reach their full potential.
This support group is provided at a low cost to support the needs of children and young people. The learning Support Group operates during the school year and is supported by Raphoe School Completion Project and Donegal Local Development Company (SICAP Funding).

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